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For Your Information: Bitcoin Law

We hope that you find the information contained in these articles useful. If MushkinLaw.com can assist you in an advisory capacity or in a potential Bitcoin case, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Virtual Currency is Here to Stay: Legal Aspects of the Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin is the latest and perhaps best-known form of digital currency in a long line of digital currencies. The premise of digital currencies is that they try to establish a medium of exchange based on immutable mathematics and are not subject to the control or manipulation of any government. Read more >>

Virtual Currencies Hit the World Stage: Bitcoin’s Ever-Evolving Legal Status

Congratulations, virtual currency world—New York is regulating you! Some of you may have to apply for a NY Bitlicense. California may soon follow. That’s how important Bitcoin and other digital currencies have become in recent years. And as we know, what happens in New York’s financial world often has implications for the wider world. Read more >>

Bitcoin: The Regulators are Here – More to Come

Regulation has started! Like it or not, Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies publicly available will be regulated to some extent. The reason for regulation is to make sure that people dealing in other people’s money do so honestly and with due regard for fiduciary standards.

Bitcoin Regulation Remains Murky – Careful Research Pays

Any lawyer familiar with Bitcoin regulation will tell any inquiring Bitcoiner that whether his or her activity is regulated, and by whom, is “something that has to be examined.” Some regulators have applied existing law, and simply published guidelines as to whether certain Bitcoiners need register. Other regulators have established, or are in the process of establishing, special rules applicable to some (but not all) Bitcoiners.